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  • Dry Legumes

    Legumes are the seeds of leguminous plants such as lentils, chickpeas or beans, among others.

    They are rich in protein (between 17 and 25%) and high in fiber (they help fight constipation), as well as having minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron, B vitamins as well as carbohydrates.

    People with diabetes can consume legumes, without sacraments to "enrich" them, and people with high uric acid should limit their consumption to a couple of times a week.

  • Cooked legumes

    Pot legumes are a very valid option when we have not been able to prepare them in a traditional way.

    Cooked legumes are rich in protein, with percentages that are around 20 and 25%. The case of soybeans and peanuts is particular, since their protein content is much higher, reaching 38%. They are also rich in carbohydrates (≈ 60%), but above all they stand out for their amount of fiber (between 11 and 25%). The amount of fat is low, with the exception of peanuts and soybeans, which are around 18%.

    They are rich in minerals such as iron, copper and phosphorus, as well as in vitamins of group B (B1 or thiamine, B3 or niacin, B6 or pyridoxine) and folic acid.


    They save cooking time

    They offer plant proteins and fiber

    They help prevent diseases

    They are versatile

    Dishes in which you can include canned legumes

    Spoon dishes with pot legumes

    Canned legume salads

    Burgers, snacks and other dishes with canned vegetables

  • Organic Nuts

    The list of nuts is very extensive, of course we advise you to eat organic nuts: walnuts, almonds, pistachios ...

    You can consume them every day and add their benefits to your healthy diet: they prevent vascular problems, improve blood circulation, normalize cholesterol levels, and contribute to heart health.

    Organic nuts are the ideal substitutes for dairy, they also strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis

  • Organic Pates

    Canned fish from sustainable fishing, made in an artisanal way with ingredients from organic farming.
    PASIÓN MANCHEGA offers canned fish and shellfish from sustainable and controlled fishing, with oils, sauces and marinades made with ingredients from organic agriculture: a wide range of products to satisfy the different tastes of our customers.
    High quality and natural flavor combined with a reasonable balance and respect for nature.
    Artisanal production, sustainable fishing and organic ingredients.

  • Organic Jams

    It is an exceptional product, to which no sugar or any sweetener, thickener or additive of any kind has been added. The fruits are harvested by hand, one by one, at their optimum moment of maturity.

    Its antioxidant power is very important, as well as the content of healthy polyphenols (ellagic acid, anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins).

  • Organic Honey

    An ecological honey, organic or bio, is the one that has been obtained from blooms in certified organic fields and with the protocol that organic beekeeping requires. The controls that the certifying company does on the bees, the environment where they work, the honey and the wax, ensure that the honey we obtain from these hives is Certified Organic Honey.

  • Other Organic

    Organic food is a term that defines foods intended for consumption that have been produced without chemicals and processed without additives (meats, agricultural products, wines and beverages). Organic or organic food is intended to contribute not only to a more natural and nutritious diet but also to a production that is more in line with the environment, less polluting and that respects biodiversity.

    In the sector, the terms "ecological", "biological" and "organic" are used interchangeably on many occasions. However, it is convenient to highlight the use that is given to each word in the market. In Spain the most common formula is "ecological", however in Germany the most used is biological (biologisch), as in France, being "organic" the term used in the Anglo-Saxon world.

  • Black Garlic

    Black garlic is common garlic that undergoes a natural maturing fermentation process that gives it the color, texture and flavor that characterize it. During this process, fresh garlic is subjected to the necessary temperature, humidity and time conditions until it reaches maturity.

    At first glance, the shape of the head and the garlic cloves are the same as that of common garlic. However, when we observe it, we can see how it is a bit more toasted on the outside and when we peel the garlic clove we will verify that it is totally black.

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